The LBRCA represents hardworking rural carriers

Join the LBRCA today and get these great benefits:

    • Get free information and advice on issues affecting your business through our telephone help service (e.g. road access, infringements, government regulations).
    • Get preferential service or supplier discounts through our LBRCA sponsors including: fuel, tyres and insurance
      • 5% Corporate Discount for LBRCA members and their employees with Westfund Health Insurance
      • Personalised 1-on-1 advice from AEI Transport Insurance Brokers, Prime Super and National Transport Insurance (NTI)
      • 6.3cpl discount on diesel at key BP sites and 4.05cpl at other sites
      • Special tyre buying prices at Beaurepaires
      • 5.8cpl discount on diesel at key Lowes Petroleum sites and 3.8cpl at other sites
      • 50% discount on Commercial TSS application fees
      • Member only exclusive offers and support from ICEPACK, KingBars, Teletrac Navman, TruckArt Trailers, PACCAR & Dealer, PACCAR Parts, Cummins and Byrne Trailers.
    • Meet with industry experts, suppliers and other operators to discuss and do something about the issues that affect you
    • Keep informed through our WEEKLY NEWSLETTERS and updates so you know what’s really going on
    • While you’re out on the road – we’re representing your interests. We’re talking to governments and others in the supply chain every day to help get a better deal for our rural transport industry

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